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Hello. I am an American/British dual national born to British/Scottish/Irish/German family on one side and an Egyptian/Italian/French/Syrian/Irish family on the other side. All 8 great grandparents were from 8 different countries. 

I was scouted as a model agent by Ford Models at age 14 in a small town in Oregon.

Armed with an 8th grade education, twenty dollars, promises of a career in modeling and business cards in my pocket I ran away to become a model in NYC at the urging of my agents. I took a greyhound bus alone across the united states for 5 days, and found my way to NYC.​ I literally grew up inside the NYC world of fashion and advertising over the next 20 years, later becoming a photographer and producer on hundreds of photoshoots internationally for global brands and publications. 

This is my story of my young life as a teen target of prominent predators. 

I call my memoir "Beautiful"

I was recently "rediscovered" as a model/personality by request for advertising, television appearances and public speaking on subjects relating to self confidence, body image, overcoming adversity, and photography.

I continue working as a photo/video producer and model.


In my free-time I enjoy riding horses, fine art, photography/film/video, writing my memoir "Beautiful" 

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