This is me

I left home at age 15 after meeting Ilene Ford in person in Oregon, and ran away taking a greyhound bus alone for $59 to NYC. 

I wanted to see Europe and Paris and find a way out of my small town. After 5 long days by bus, I arrived in NYC and was accepted into another modeling agency, Paris/USA. From there I met some of the worlds most powerful agents, Wall street traders, and wealthy men. I then changed to Spectrum models, which merged with Next models, who was partnered with Jean Llc Brunel, then Elite models, Wilhemina and others in between. I lead a double life between modeling and an asst for producers and photographers. I studied under some of the worlds top photographers, and directors, then became a photographer, then producer.

Today I am a full size curve model, photographer, speaker, writing about my experiences as a girl runaway, and model inside the dirty under belly of fashion. As a girl who ran away, into fashion and modeling. I know what it is like to be preyed upon on the streets and at the top, the lowest and the highest. This gives me a unique lifelong experience I can share with at risk youth, girls, and runaways. 

Now, as a plus size model, and speaker my goal is to expose those criminals and to shed light on their deeds as well as to tell the story of those I have known and come across, too afraid to tell their own stories and to give back after being part of the underworld. 

I bring
visions to life

I am a story teller. A visual producer. I love stories, images and moving images to connect. I want to tell my story to help others, and tell stories to bring hope, inspire and to create stories people remember.

I produce photo and motion shoots in the greater Palm Springs/L.A. areas.

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