Heather Braden

International model, photographer, producer, speaker. 

Heather Braden is a plus size model, photographer, host and speaker.

Heather has spoken at fashion and photography events internationally and is currently researching the history of the model side of the fashion industry and getting breaking insider fashion scoops, styles, and  fashion for all sizes, ages and life's stages.


Heather also worked while modeling as a photographers assistant, Ad, Script supervisor/continuity & directors assistant for 10+ years for many of todays leading photographers and directors: Mark Abrahams, Norman Jean Roy, Ruven Afanador, Rankin, Liz Collins, Michelangelo Di Batista, Perry Ogden, Gus Van Saint, Michael Rymer, attended a year at Art Center Pasadena under Bruce Webber and Paul Jazmin, then later a year at Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.  Heather is also a commercial photographer and producer and has had the pleasure of working with globally recognized brands such as Macys, Pepsi, Avon Vogue, 100s of commercials, videos and some films. 


Most recently Heather is working on her memoir, Beautiful. The book is about her life inside the fashion industry starting from running away at age 14 to NYC by bus, into the waiting circle of predators: Epstein, Weinstein, Trump, Jean Luc, and the many others who stalked her as a young model. 


 Heather is a first generation American on both sides, as her mother is from England and her fathers family are Sednaoui and related to Model/actress Elisa Sednaoui and Director/Photographer Stephane Sednaoui.


During her years modeling she attended at Art Center in Pasadena as a model in the photography and film courses, and then Fashion Institute of Design in NYC in Art History, Photography and film production. 

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New York/LA