My focus of public speaking is on body image at any size or age, self confidence, resilience, rising above adversity, inclusivity. 

As a 13 year old runaway, and the first born in the USA of mixed racial profile turned model, I know what it's like to be, attempted kidnapped at age 8, and preyed upon by street pimps and politicians at the highest levels. I also know what it takes to succeed against adversity, and to be resilient against the extreme conditions of being a young female in a world of predators. I also know first hand what being physically judged by looks is like, on a constant daily basis for my entire life at almost every size starting at zero and what it takes to accept yourself no matter what. I know what's it's like to become successful after failure when you have no education. 

Now I seek speaking opportunities to give back to my younger selves, at risk youth and runaways.